Understanding behaviour for effective communication with children, their families, carers, peers and teachers.


Designed for kids, parents, peers and teachers, our assessments are an invaluable resource for understanding behaviour, building healthier relationships and improving communication.

To gain a deeper understanding of your child and their behaviour, we offer Kids DISC assessments, which have been created especially for kids, using language they understand.

The Kids DISC report offers significant insights based on an online assessment. With three distinct sections for kids, parents, and teachers, this report contains helpful information for the child and the adults in their lives.

Inside the report, kids, and the adults around them, will discover how special and unique they are.

Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and the Kids DISC assessment helps them be the best they can be.


The Kids DISC report is far more than simply an examination of a single child’s behavioural style. Instead, it is packed with details designed to teach children to adapt, interact, and better communicate with their peers, teachers, and families. In the parent and teacher sections, you’ll discover what the child needs from you to thrive and specific suggestions to support them in ways they will understand.

Children’s minds are open to gaining insight to the age-old question, “Who am I?” They are like sponges for information on how they can best interact with others and how they can contribute to the world. We just need to give them the opportunity, and we need to make it fun and easy. By linking the four DISC styles to four birds, children can discover and value who they are. The D style is represented by the confident, daring, and take-charge Eagle. The I style is symbolised by the talkative, social, and fun Parrot. The S style is the caring, soft-spoken, and peaceful Dove. And the C style is the logical, accurate, and questioning Owl. For children and adults, the birds provide visual symbols to help them learn about themselves and others.

Children who understand their style gain a strong inner core. They develop confidence as they discover their natural gifts at an early age. By understanding style at a young age, children reveal a life path that will bring great satisfaction. By understanding their style, children learn how to get along with those who are like them and those whose bird styles are quite different.

People who are self-aware are the happiest and most successful people. Thus, it stands to reason that individuals who discover their style as children grow to be happy and successful adults. They are also less likely to bully other children as they gain respect for people of all styles.

In addition to helping children discover what makes them tick, parents play a crucial role in helping kids become the best version of themselves. Far too often, parents try to turn their children into someone else. For example, the confident Eagle pushes the quiet Dove to be more assertive. When they do so, they send a variety of messages. These include: “You should be more like me”; “If you were more like me, I’d love you”; and perhaps worst of all, “Who you are is not ok.” Parents need to understand the bird style of their children so they can honour them for who they are and not try to change them into someone else.

Teachers and coaches also play a vital role in a child’s development. Consider an Owl teacher who tries to constrain a Parrot child’s creativity by restricting them to “stay within the lines.” Parrots need the freedom to create. Teachers and coaches who understand a child’s bird style can help them tap into their natural gifts. Teachers and coaches who support each child how they need to be supported would help develop a generation of children with high self-esteem and incredible talent.

If you would like to understand a child’s bird style, check out the Which Bird Are You? Kids Profile. After the child takes the assessment, you receive a report that includes four sections. The first section introduces the birds to better understand the traits, needs, and dislikes of each of the bird styles. The second section is written for the child to help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves. The third section allows parents to discover how to raise their child by embracing the child’s innate style and supporting them on the path to becoming a happy, healthy, and successful adult. Finally, teachers and coaches learn how to guide the child as they navigate school, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Let’s raise children who look back years from now and think, “I’m so glad I learned about my bird style when I was a kid. It helped me in so many ways.” Author Merrick Rosenberg is the CEO of Take Flight Learning and author of The Chameleon, Taking Flight!, and Personality Wins


Kids DISC Assessments

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