Mindset and Motivation™

Do you want to learn more about yourself, improve your interpersonal relationships, and create a vision board to help you achieve your goals?

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Mindset and Motivation™: Course Overview

If you would like to discover more about yourself, understand your DISC personality profile so that you can develop improved communication skills and interpersonal relationships at home and school; create a personal vision board and participate in a goal-setting workshop that will provide you with an actionable plan for the year ahead, using the vision board as a starting point, this online group course is for you.

The world has become an even more challenging and demanding environment for young people as a result of the uncertain and turbulent times in which we are living.

This dynamic programme will provide direction, motivation and clarity for young people aged between 13 – 18 years, who want to learn more about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships at home and school.

Embracing their innate style will give teenagers a more positive outlook on the future and help them grow into happy, healthy and successful adults.

Parents will also be in a better position to support and guide them as they navigate their way in school, career choices, sports, and extracurricular activities.

The vision board process will provide young people with practical tools to clarify and focus on specific goals and create a clearer understanding of what they would like to achieve.

The goal-setting workshop will take this process one step further by giving them an actionable plan for the year ahead, using the vision board as a starting point. 

Mindset & Motivation is delivered via four interactive and enjoyable Zoom sessions and will set your teenager on the road to becoming a focused, independent, confident young adult.

On completion of this course, you will receive a certificate from The British School of Etiquette London.3

what is disc?

The DISC personality profile is a system designed by the American Psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marsden. It places people into one of four different personality types; D – Dominant, I – Influential, S – Steady and C – Compliant. Here’s a detailed description of these different personality types:

General Theory

The DISC personality profile is an accurate personality analysis that can be used to predict the behaviour of individuals when they work on their own and with others. It can help you to place the right person in your business, working in an environment that suits both you and them.

However, this system is not infallible. Like anything, it has its limitations. Its shortfall is that people seldom have just one personality. They are rather a combination of the four, just in different ratios. Everyone is dominant in one personality type, but another may be closely following.

The DISC test highlights a person’s relative strengths in each of the four areas. The area that scores highest will be the person’s dominant trait. The results aren’t always accurate, especially when the person being tested is aware of their personality eccentricities and has moved to improve these traits. The higher the strength shown from the test, the more the descriptions will fit. Don’t use this as a definitive method for labelling people’s traits. Use it as a guide to communicating with them. Everyone has weaknesses, and this system is meant to guide to them. Remember, if you are happy as you are, that’s great.

When you read the characteristics of the various personality types, you will start to understand how other people see you when they associate with you. Again, this isn’t always true. With all knowledge should come wisdom. Knowing the best time and way to use this knowledge is what makes the difference.



1595 PLN

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Mindset and Motivation™

Mindset and Motivation™ is delivered on Zoom over two one-hour sessions and one two-hour session.

The course fee of 1595 PLN per person for the full programme includes a certificate of attendance.


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