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As a Global Partner for The British School of Excellence based in Warsaw, we are proud to offer the highest professional coaching and education standards to adults and children and organizations in Poland’s corporate, hospitality and retail sectors.

The British School of Excellence Poland, in partnership with The British School of Excellence in the United Kingdom, is the only Etiquette Training provider in the world to be certified and accredited by four internationally recognised organisations.

Established by Philip Sykes in London in 2013, etiquette, good manners, and emotional intelligence are essential skills in the dynamic and challenging world we live in.

Our training programmes in Poland will help you build confidence and skills, giving you the ability and opportunity to succeed and get ahead in life. Our students become the best and most sought after within their industry because they use the correct and appropriate etiquette and skills to feel calm and confident in every situation.

Etiquette Consultant in Poland

Leanne Miltun-Latecka is a Global Partner, representing The British School of Excellence Poland an internationally-certified business coach, etiquette consultant, marketing specialist, brand developer, educator, Leanne is a goal-driven, business-orientated marketing professional with 30 years of experience in the field of marketing dedicated primarily to the private healthcare industry. She is focused on working with clients to achieve significant growth in sales, marketing, development of results-driven and profitable teams, systems development and strategic planning.

She has held senior positions at two major private South African hospital groups with collective experience of 20 years in Regional Marketing Manager roles, as well as having worked at the South African headquarters for Unilever in the fast-moving consumer goods environment and the former Natal Performing Arts Council in Durban.

Her successes have included restructuring and setting up effective, focused marketing teams; driving marketing strategy and implementing tactical marketing plans; visibility and promotion of brands and developing relationships with influential role players and stakeholders; developing marketing products that have been adopted as South African national initiatives in support of the National Health Department; being involved in the opening and launching of new hospital centres of excellence and new hospitals; corporate sponsorship and sports marketing.

In her capacity as a national media spokesperson, she has specialised in media and crisis communication.
Her extensive practical experience, together with a track record of corporate-level success, make her an invaluable resource for business owners. Following a successful career in corporate healthcare environments, she works with business owners from a wide variety of industries to assist them in growing their businesses.

Apart from sharing her extensive marketing and business experience, she has a sincere desire to see businesses around the world flourish.

Leanne relocated to Poland in 2019, from where she runs a marketing consultancy and business coaching practice. With her passion for people, she heads The British School of Excellence for Poland.

Leanne Miltun-Latecka etiquette consultant in Poland

Leanne Miltun-Latecka

Global Partner, The British School of Etiquette Poland

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“Both informative and entertaining, I was so surprised at how much I was able to learn in such a short space of time. Can’t wait for the next course!”

Linda Chen

“Philip was a great teacher; the lessons were planned really clearly and delivered with confidence and enthusiasm, making it really engaging for all of the students”

Cherry Pan

“Our company has seen an increase in the qualitative experience of the customers through the overall service skills acquired by our managers and retail staff from Philip’s course…”

Fabio Marcello

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The only Etiquette Training provider accredited by four recognised organisations.