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The Polished Professional - a 360° approach

In the highly competitive corporate world in which we live, professionals need more than skills, experience, and academic qualifications to be successful. These days it takes approximately three seconds to make an impression during an online engagement and seven seconds when meeting someone face-to-face.

It is vital to project yourself with poise and confidence through your personal brand, appearance,  understanding of business etiquette. As the saying goes: `You never get a second chance to make a first impression’.

We have created an all-round exclusive package for professionals in collaboration with international specialists.

“You do not need to be perfect; you need to perfect your uniqueness.”
Dr Mansur Hasib
“Your personal brand follows you wherever you go and sometimes even lingers behind when you leave a room.”
Jackie Cantoni
“With a strong personal brand, you become the only option in the eyes of your ideal customer.”
Amber Hurdle

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